Shared Balloon Rides in Reno

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Shared hot air balloon rides in Reno, Nevada are by far the most popular way to experience the exhilirating thrill that only a hot air balloon ride can provide. You will float in the Nevada sky for up to one hour on a hot air balloon with anywhere from 2 to 8 other people. At the beginning of your shared balloon ride in Reno you will be accompanied by complete strangers. Once the flight is complete, you will feel like you have known these people for years and can share the magnificent, newly created memories with newly created friends.

Shared Balloon Rides Reno NV

Reserving a shared balloon ride in Reno, NV is fast and affordable. As long as each participant is under 250lbs and above 7 years of age, they should be a perfect fit for a shared hot air balloon ride. Some other restrictions may apply, depending on the network affiliated pilot and/or the hot air balloon season. Prior to the flight, you have the option to help the pilot and crew inflate the hot air balloon to it's capacity. Once inflated, it is time to jump aboard! Your shared balloon ride in Reno will last approximately 1 hour from takeoff to landing. A chase crew will be following the hot air balloon and be ready for pickup once the balloon lands. After the hot air balloon has been deflated, you will join the chase crew and head back to the launch point.

Shared Balloon Ride Reno NV
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