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Tethered hot air balloon flights consist of bringing a hot air balloon to your location in the Reno metro area. Just like shared hot air balloon rides, tethered balloon rides are typically held right after sunrise or right before sunset. These are the most opportune times for the wind speed to be low enough for the Reno tethered balloon ride to happen.

Reno NV Tether Balloon Ride

Whether you have a business gathering or a family party, a tethered hot air balloon ride in Reno is sure to wow guests of all ages. As long as there is enough space to operate the hot air balloon safely, we will ensure that your tethered hot air balloon ride satisfies all. The hot air balloon will go up to roughly 200 feet and come back to the ground over a period of about 4-6 minutes. Smaller hot air balloons are typically used for Reno tethered hot air balloon rides and can usually hold about 4 people per ride.

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