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Eexperience your hot air balloon ride in Reno in a hot air balloon that is exclusively for you and your party. Unlike a shared basket balloon ride, an exclusive hot air balloon ride reserves the entire gondola for you! This is the perfect option for special occasions such as a marriage proposal where you want the participants to be limited to you, your future spouse and the pilot. Exclusive basket hot air balloon rides in Reno must be scheduled in advance so don't delay! Make sure to call Balloon Rides Reno at 1-775-501-9889 and book your perfect date now!

Exclusive Balloon Rides Reno AL

As you take off on your exclusive hot air balloon ride in Reno you'll be more aware of the ground dropping away than of any sensation of movement or rising. The feeling of peace and tranquillity is heightened by the apparent lack of wind - because of course you're moving with it. Once in the air, your hot air balloon travels at between a few hundred and several thousand feet, allowing you to gaze down upon villages, towns and the countryside. The 'miniature' people and cars scattered seemingly at random across the ground below look as if they've fallen from a toy box. Any hot air balloon ride in Reno is magical but an exclusive ride is the ultimate way to discover man's oldest and most serene form of aerial transportation.

Exclusive Balloon Ride Reno AL
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